API Evangelist Partners

These are my partners who invest in API Evangelist each month, helping underwrite my research, and making sure I'm able to keep monitoring the API space as I do.


Streamdata is a software vendor making real-time data accessible to all by operating a proxy turning request / response APIs into feeds of real-time events.


Uptrends is the ultimate monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your websites, APIs, and servers.


3scale makes it easy to open, secure, distribute, control and monetize APIs, that is built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind.

API Security News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API security conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is security (or not) their API infrastructure, and addressing the biggest problem we face online today.

Title Source Visit
How to Control API Security Risks (2018-11-15) www.esecurityplanet.com
2014 (2018-11-15) www.forumsys.com
Countering threats: Steps to take when developing APIs (2018-11-05) www.helpnetsecurity.com
Threat Roundup for October 26 to November 2 (2018-11-02) blogs.cisco.com
Secure Code Review Automation (2018-11-02) dzone.com
IronNet Cybersecurity to Present at API Cybersecurity Conference and CyCon US (2018-11-01) www.prnewswire.com
Okta API lead: how to secure the API economy (2018-10-30) www.computerweekly.com
Three simple rules to avoid data leaking from S3 (2018-10-30) cloudonaut.io
Minimizing attack surface in an API (2018-10-29) www.networksasia.net
PureSec Founder on Taking Control of Serverless Security (2018-10-29) thenewstack.io
API Microservice Security (2018-10-29) it.toolbox.com
API Microservice Security Layer (2018-10-29) it.toolbox.com
Security vulnerability detected in APInf API management platform (2018-10-29) medium.com
Bring visibility to shadow APIs and ensure that security standards are being met (2018-10-28) www.helpnetsecurity.com
Novice Guide to Securing API and Firebase Key in Create (2018-10-28) medium.com
Data Theorem introduces automated API discovery and security inspection solution (2018-10-27) www.helpnetsecurity.com
How Dow Jones Folded Security into its Automated Dev Pipeline (2018-10-26) thenewstack.io
Layers of Security (2018-10-26) blogs.cisco.com
Data Theorem Announces New Solutions for API Security Analysis (2018-10-25) www.programmableweb.com
How to Build a Secure API Strategy for the API Economy (2018-10-25) www.programmableweb.com
Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to Runtime Protection (2018-10-08) dzone.com
[FREE~DOWNLOAD] Advanced API Security: Securing APIs with Oauth 2.0, (2018-10-06) medium.com
Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy (2018-09-29) techcrunch.com
Facebook will never be completely secure (2018-09-29) www.engadget.com
Beating the Cost, Time, and Quality Equation With OWASP ZAP Automation (2018-09-21) dzone.com
Tuck in your APIs safe and sound with these guiding principles for API security (2018-09-21) medium.com
Data Manipulation: How Security Pros Can Respond to an Emerging Threat (2018-09-21) www.darkreading.com
Why You Need to Think Differently About Open Source Security (2018-09-21) dzone.com
Another Grindr API Flaw Exposes Users' Location (2018-09-18) www.programmableweb.com
Grappling With Data Every Day, Organizations Must Consider Data Security (2018-09-18) dzone.com
Facebook expands bug bounty program to include third (2018-09-17) techcrunch.com
Security Whitepaper (2018-09-17) www.readitquik.com
Campaign Targets Nonresidents with Fake IRS Email (2018-09-17) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Oracle DDoS Tracker Monitors Attack Protection Activations (2018-09-17) admin.dyn.com
Microsoft Releases New Microsoft 365 Secure Score API (2018-09-14) www.programmableweb.com
Serverless and the OWASP Top 10 (2018-09-13) dzone.com
API Security Part 1: Getting Smarter About API Security (2018-09-13) www.tibco.com
Securing a REST Service (2018-09-12) dzone.com
Security Compass is Releasing a New ‘Defending Web APIs’ Course (2018-09-07) medium.com
Introducing kube (2018-09-02) dzone.com
Threat Roundup for August 24 (2018-08-31) blogs.cisco.com
API Security (2018-08-31) adtmag.com
A Guide to Building and Securing APIs (2018-08-31) adtmag.com
Orgs Still Feel Vulnerable Despite Cyber Standards (2018-08-31) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Securing Industrial IoT Sensors, Part 2: Trusted Software Stack (2018-08-30) www.embedded-computing.com
Researchers show Alexa “skill squatting” could hijack voice commands (2018-08-30) arstechnica.com
Amazon is quietly doubling down on cryptographic security (2018-08-30) techcrunch.com
7 Steps to Start Searching with Shodan (2018-08-29) www.darkreading.com
How to monitor and detect a cloud API vulnerability (2018-08-29) searchcloudsecurity.techtarget.com
The Role of API Gateways in API Security (2018-08-29) dzone.com
Partner Perspectives: Creating Your Own Threat Hunting Army (2018-08-28) www.carbonblack.com
Generating Least Privileged IAM Roles for AWS Lambda Functions — The Easy Way (2018-08-27) medium.com
NIST Calls For Comment of Ecommerce Security (2018-08-27) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
The Difference Between Sandboxing, Honeypots & Security Deception (2018-08-27) www.darkreading.com
Verizon Launches Threat Intelligence Platform (2018-08-26) medium.com
Protect REST APIs with Spring Security and JWT (2018-08-26) medium.com
Why Organizations With Sensitive Research or Intellectual Property Need a Zero Trust Cybersecurity Framework Approach (2018-08-25) blogs.cisco.com
What Are Subdomain Takeovers, How to Test and Avoid Them? (2018-08-24) dzone.com
API Security: A Gateway To Heaven (2018-08-23) nordicapis.com
How Does HTTP Basic Authentication Work in Spring Security? (2018-08-22) dzone.com
Filtering the Threat Intelligence Tsunami (2018-08-17) www.darkreading.com
Firewall Still Critical Tool in Network Security (2018-08-17) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Crowd (2018-08-17) www.darkreading.com
Simplifying Endpoint Hardening, Defense & Response (2018-08-17) www.darkreading.com
Trump Signs NIST Act to Benefit Small Businesses (2018-08-16) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
The Data Security Landscape Is Shifting: Is Your Company Prepared? (2018-08-13) www.darkreading.com
Improved Standards for Securing Medical Devices Released (2018-08-07) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
The Three Pillars of DevSecOps (2018-08-03) dzone.com
BGP/DNS Hijacks Target Payment Systems (2018-08-03) admin.dyn.com
FBI Offers New IoT Security Tips (2018-08-03) www.darkreading.com
Disclose.io launched to encourage ‘good (2018-08-03) sdtimes.com
Updating GuardDuty Threatlists with Serverless (2018-08-03) medium.com
ThreatConnect Integrates with CrowdStrike to Enable Threat Intelligence & Reporting (2018-08-03) www.readitquik.com
Risks associated with third (2018-08-03) www.csoonline.com
Government Security Analysts Submerged with Threats (2018-08-03) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
ThreatConnect Releases New, Improved CrowdStrike Integration with Access to Comprehensive Intelligence (2018-08-02) www.oaoa.com
New open source effort: Legal code to make reporting security bugs safer (2018-08-02) arstechnica.com
GitHub announces new account security and recovery practices (2018-08-01) sdtimes.com
How We Apply Machine Learning in Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions (2018-08-01) blogs.cisco.com
Machine Learning Security is Ready for Takeoff (2018-08-01) admin.dyn.com
How to Avoid Targeted AWS Attacks With Secure AWS Keys (2018-07-30) dzone.com
How to Implement Spring Security With OAuth2 (2018-07-23) dzone.com
How to build a layered approach to security in microservices (2018-07-20) searchmicroservices.techtarget.com
The Fundamental Flaw in Security Awareness Programs (2018-07-19) www.darkreading.com
Federal Agencies Struggle with DMARC Compliance (2018-07-18) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Assessing the Severity of SQL Injection Threats to IoT Security (2018-07-18) dzone.com
GDPR Fueling Rise of PII Theft, Cryptomining Plateauing (2018-07-18) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Security updates for Jenkins core (2018-07-17) jenkins.io
SecDevOps: Injecting Security Into DevOps Processes (2018-07-16) blog.newrelic.com
WSO2 Summer 2018 Release Brings Agility to Secure Microservices Integration (2018-07-16) globenewswire.com
Serverless Security Risks Laid Bare (2018-07-13) thenewstack.io
Building an Effective API Security Strategy: Easy If You Have the Right Tools (2018-07-12) securityboulevard.com
Team finds many of mobile applications are open to web API hijacking (2018-07-12) phys.org
Lessons from My Strange Journey into InfoSec (2018-07-12) www.darkreading.com
StackRox Expands Scope of Container Security Platform (2018-07-12) containerjournal.com
Getting Safe, Smart & Secure on S3 (2018-07-11) www.darkreading.com
MuleSoft's 'Titan' Upgrade Bolsters API Security, Monitoring; Sets Stage for Flexible Multi (2018-07-10) www.idevnews.com
7 Ways to Keep DNS Safe (2018-07-10) www.darkreading.com
Threat Roundup for June 29 to July 6th (2018-07-06) blogs.cisco.com
Security Researchers Discover a Secret Microsoft Office 365 Activities API (2018-07-03) www.programmableweb.com
New Gluu IAM products! (2018-07-03) www.gluu.org
9 Questions for Top (2018-07-03) nordicapis.com
HIPAA & Medical Data Security for Web Developers (2018-06-30) medium.com
Threat Roundup for June 22 (2018-06-29) blogs.cisco.com
The Importance of Multi (2018-06-29) www.sparkpost.com
Americans to Local Govs: Spend on Security Now (2018-06-29) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
SIA announces Open Source API initiative (2018-06-29) www.securitydocumentworld.com
UK Government Sets Minimum Cybersecurity Standard (2018-06-29) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Redefining Security with Blockchain (2018-06-28) www.darkreading.com
Equifax must boost security under new agreement with states (2018-06-27) www.washingtonpost.com
Key Considerations in API security (2018-06-27) medium.com
REST API Guidelines at Feedzai (2018-06-27) medium.com
1Password Developers Tease Planned Support for iOS 12 Password Manager API (2018-06-05) www.macrumors.com
Are Your Google Groups Leaking Data? (2018-06-01) krebsonsecurity.com
Poor API Design, not Security, was at the core of the Cambridge Analytica scandal (2018-05-25) medium.com
The API Security Gold Rush – Network Computing (2018-05-24) www.forumsys.com
Serverless Security Scorecard (2018-05-24) medium.com
GDPR, WHOIS & the Impact on Merchant Risk Security Monitoring (2018-05-24) www.darkreading.com
Rotating IAM Access Keys with Lambda (2018-05-22) medium.com
API security: gold rush or wild west? (2018-05-16) www.itproportal.com
API security trends – interview with James Higginbotham from LunchAny (2018-05-15) apifriends.com
Why Enterprises Can't Ignore Third (2018-05-14) www.darkreading.com
ThreatConnect and the Rise of the Security Developer (2018-05-11) www.threatconnect.com
Twitter to All Users: Change Your Password Now! (2018-05-03) krebsonsecurity.com
Twitter Urges Users to Change Passwords Due to Glitch (2018-05-03) kasperskycontenthub.com
Introducing ThreatConnect's Intel Report Cards (2018-05-03) www.threatconnect.com
Slack Releases Open Source SDL Tool (2018-04-30) www.darkreading.com
Trust: The Secret Ingredient to DevSecOps Success (2018-04-20) www.darkreading.com
[Podcast] PodCTL #32 – Container Vulnerability Scanning (2018-04-20) blog.openshift.com
Fact (2018-04-20) usa.kaspersky.com
Millions of Apps Leak Private User Data Via Leaky Ad SDKs (2018-04-17) kasperskycontenthub.com
Fantastic Serverless security risks, and where to find them (2018-04-17) medium.com
Federal Agency Data Under Siege (2018-04-13) www.darkreading.com
Part 2: The Dark Side of APIs (2018-04-13) securityboulevard.com
GWR Resets Passwords After Accounts Are Accessed (2018-04-13) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
API Security for Microservices (2018-04-12) dzone.com
Sail Smooth with Cloud Threats, Part 2 – Cloud APIs (2018-04-12) securityboulevard.com
Developers Failing to Use Secure Open Source Components (2018-04-12) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Common Threats in Web Application Security (2018-04-12) auth0.com
To Do Serverless Right, You Need A New IAM Approach (2018-04-12) www.stackery.io
Facebook Rolls Out 'Data Abuse Bounty' Program (2018-04-11) www.darkreading.com
Farsight Security Announces DNSDB API Key Portability Program (2018-04-09) globenewswire.com
5 myths of API security (2018-04-09) www.itworld.com
A Tour of API Underprotection (2018-04-04) medium.com
Exploring R (2018-04-04) securityboulevard.com
Mimecast unveils new API developer portal (2018-04-04) www.gdnonline.com
Don't Get Caught Up in the Hype of AI for Security (2018-04-04) threatconnect.com
Managing and Mitigating Security Vulnerabilities at Auth0 (2018-04-04) auth0.com
U.S. DoD Hopes To Stamp Out Threats With Bug Bounty Program (2018-04-02) kasperskycontenthub.com
Best Practices for Building Secure APIs (2018-03-30) medium.com
How to Secure an Apache Web Server (2018-03-30) dzone.com
A Security Audit of Third (2018-03-30) duo.com
Data Security, your trust and the public — what does this mean for healthcare? (2018-03-29) medium.com
API Security Issues and Decentralized Trading Permissions (2018-03-27) medium.com
Facebook Cracks Down On Data Misuse With Expanded Bug Bounty Program (2018-03-27) kasperskycontenthub.com
New Microsoft Bug Bounty Program Looks To Squash The Next Spectre, Meltdown (2018-03-16) kasperskycontenthub.com
The OWASP Top Ten and today's threat landscape (2018-03-12) www.itproportal.com
Binance’s $10M hacker bounty fund is great example of smart PR (2018-03-12) thenextweb.com
Sophisticated malware attacks through routers (2018-03-11) www.engadget.com
How your trading API keys can be used to drain your funds (2018-03-09) medium.com
In the wake of fraudulent comments, Regulations.gov revises API policy (2018-03-09) sunlightfoundation.com
Security Camera Found Riddled With Bugs (2018-03-09) kasperskycontenthub.com
Using machine learning to detect possible insider threats (2018-03-09) blogs.cisco.com
Parasitic Computing Implemented (2018-03-08) blog.domaintools.com
REST API Security (2018-03-08) dzone.com
Balancing Cybersecurity Program Priorities: It’s Time to Get Help (2018-03-08) blogs.cisco.com
Kaspersky Lab Adds $100K Payout to Bug Bounty Program (2018-03-06) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Connected Cars Pose New Security Challenges (2018-03-06) www.darkreading.com
Threat Hunting is an Imperative Despite Challenges in Definitions, Data and Skills (2018-03-06) www.bricata.com
The Wrong Ways to Protect an API (2018-03-05) medium.com
#GartnerIAM: IAM Disrupted by New Trends (2018-03-05) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Memcached at root of GitHub DDoS attack (2018-03-02) sdtimes.com
Unofficial APIs will be blocked in Android P, but devs can request new APIs they need (2018-03-01) www.androidpolice.com
What Enterprises Can Learn from Medical Device Security (2018-03-01) www.darkreading.com
Cisco Introduces a 5G Security Architecture to Enable Secure Network Transformation (2018-02-25) blogs.cisco.com
Secure Spring REST With Spring Security and OAuth2 (2018-02-22) dzone.com
Container Security Considerations in a Kubernetes Deployment (2018-02-22) thenewstack.io
The SEC says companies must disclose more information about cybersecurity risks (2018-02-21) techcrunch.com
Security Through Observability (2018-02-21) honeycomb.io
Security and Vulnerability Scanning of Container Images (2018-02-21) blog.openshift.com
Are you securing your public cloud APIs? (2018-02-21) www.digitalbydefaultnews.co.uk
Online security is a disaster and the people who investigate it are being sued into silence (2018-02-21) boingboing.net
Key steps to keeping data information safe (2018-02-21) sdtimes.com
Using Entropy in Threat Hunting: a Mathematical Search for the Unknown (2018-02-20) www.redcanary.com
Chef announces InSpec 2.0 with new DevSecOps capabilities (2018-02-20) sdtimes.com
An OAuth2 Grant Selection Decision Tree for Securing REST APIs (2018-02-20) dzone.com
High (2018-02-20) nordicapis.com
Have Your Cake and Eat it Too With Next (2018-02-19) blogs.cisco.com
An OAuth2 Grant Selection Decision Tree for Securing REST APIs (2018-02-17) medium.com
Sqreen wants to become the IFTTT of web app security (2018-02-17) techcrunch.com
Top 5 OWASP Resources No Developer Should Be Without (2018-02-16) dzone.com
How security became more important than convenience (2018-02-16) www.engadget.com
Security as a business priority (2018-02-16) blogs.cisco.com
Protecting data in the ransomware era (2018-02-15) blogs.cisco.com
DevSecOps: Security at the Speed of Business (2018-02-14) blogs.cisco.com
Intel expands bug bounty to catch more Spectre (2018-02-14) www.engadget.com
Rebel with a CORS (2018-02-14) medium.com
What is Data Security? (2018-02-14) auth0.com
Building Python Microservices, Part III — Security (2018-02-12) medium.com
Cisco Confirms Critical Firewall Software Bug Is Under Attack (2018-02-09) kasperskycontenthub.com
APIs: Cyber Security's Emerging Threat Vector (2018-02-08) www.cshub.com
Applying Policy as Code to Kubernetes Resources (2018-02-07) www.hashicorp.com
Google’s bug bounty programs paid out almost $3M in 2017 (2018-02-07) techcrunch.com
Google Expands Play Marketplace Bug Bounty Program (2018-02-07) kasperskycontenthub.com
Business Wire Suffers Week (2018-02-07) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Common API Security Challenges and the Necessary Features (2018-02-07) medium.com
API interface vulnerable to cyberattacks (2018-02-07) medium.com
Introducing the Latest Forum Sentry API Security Gateway (2018-02-06) www.forumsys.com
Axway partners with Elastic Beam to leverage artificial intelligence for API Security (2018-02-04) www.vanillaplus.com
Security updates for multiple Jenkins plugins (2018-02-04) jenkins.io
APIs Pose 'Mushrooming' Security Risk (2018-02-04) www.darkreading.com
API Security Concerns Are on the Rise (2018-02-02) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
APIs Pose 'Mushrooming' Security Risk (2018-02-02) www.darkreading.com
A superstar Chinese hacker just won $112,000 from Google, its largest bug bounty ever (2018-01-20) www.businessinsider.com
ISC Releases Security Advisories for DHCP, BIND (2018-01-17) www.us-cert.gov
Let's Encrypt Flaw Allowed Hackers to Hijack Certificates (2018-01-15) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
DNS (2018-01-12) medium.com
Security camera Canary adds package detection and a new skill for Amazon Alexa (2018-01-08) techcrunch.com
I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how. (2018-01-06) medium.com
SparkPost Tools (2018-01-04) tools.sparkpost.com
VueJS Route Security and Authentication (2018-01-04) medium.com
Harnessing the Power of Network Meta Data: Finding Malware (2018-01-03) blogs.cisco.com
The Argument for Risk (2018-01-02) www.darkreading.com
OWASP Dependency (2017-12-29) dzone.com
2017’s biggest cybersecurity facepalms (2017-12-29) www.engadget.com
Automating API security testing with a DevSecOps approach (2017-12-29) sdtimes.com
Why Every Business Needs Two (2017-12-29) auth0.com
Rest Assured — Ways to Avoid Security Issues When Using RESTful (2017-12-28) medium.com
The impact on network security through encrypted protocols – QUIC (2017-12-27) blogs.cisco.com
Five RESTFul Web Design Patterns Implemented in ASP.NET Core 2.0 Part 5: Security (2017-12-23) medium.com
Azure Security Audits With Pester (2017-12-22) dzone.com
Web Services Security: Providers and Consumers of APIs (2017-12-21) medium.com
Twitter Expands 2FA Options to Third (2017-12-21) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Why Network Visibility Is Critical to Removing Security Blind Spots (2017-12-21) www.darkreading.com
Machine Learning for Cybercriminals, Part 2 (2017-12-21) dzone.com
Cron (2017-12-21) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
2018 Security Predictions (Part 6) (2017-12-20) dzone.com
Twitter now supports 2 (2017-12-20) thenextweb.com
Twitter adds more verification options for two (2017-12-20) www.theverge.com
Twitter adds support for app (2017-12-20) techcrunch.com
TelegramRAT Scurries Around Defenses Via the Cloud (2017-12-20) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
4 Reasons to Make API Security Your Business’s New Year’s Resolution (2017-12-20) medium.com
IAM Attacks, IoT Hubs and API Security Spend, Oh My! We Present Our 2018 Predictions (2017-12-20) www.forumsys.com
Facebook lists all the security emails it sends to fight phishing (2017-12-20) www.engadget.com
Two Additional Ways to Improve API Security for Fintech startups (2017-12-20) www.finextra.com
Ooma acquires AI (2017-12-20) techcrunch.com
2018 Security Predictions (Part 5) (2017-12-19) dzone.com
Industry experts tell you how to (2017-12-19) medium.com
The future of source code security is consensus (2017-12-19) techcrunch.com
The 2017 OWASP Top 10 Update (2017-12-19) dzone.com
Data Breach Briefing: The Run (2017-12-19) www.bricata.com
Hackers take control of security firm’s domain, steal secret data (2017-12-18) arstechnica.com
Security IQ:  How to Survive the Holiday Phishing Season (2017-12-18) www.carbonblack.com
Hack the Air Force 2.0 Bug Bounty Kicks Off with $10K Payout (2017-12-18) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Survey Shows Many Americans Are Cyber (2017-12-18) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
How does a WAF mitigate vulnerabilities? (2017-12-18) f5.com
US Government Pays $10,650 Bug Bounty in 'Hack the Air Force' Event (2017-12-18) www.darkreading.com
User ‘Gross Negligence’ Leaves Hundreds of Lexmark Printers Open to Attack (2017-12-18) kasperskycontenthub.com
2018 Security Predictions (Part 4) (2017-12-18) dzone.com
Toughen up Soft Certificate Pinning with Approov (2017-12-18) www.approov.io
Analyze Database Audit Logs for Security and Compliance Using Amazon Redshift Spectrum (2017-12-17) aws.amazon.com
Why Your IAM's Definition Of “User” Could Be Costing You Millions (2017-12-15) auth0.com
Get Developers and Your AppSec Program Ready for DevSecOps in 2018 (2017-12-13) dzone.com
2 Million Fake Net Neutrality Comments Stole American Identities (2017-12-13) www.darkreading.com
Security updates for Jenkins core (2017-12-13) jenkins.io
Bitfinex Restores Services After Massive DDoS Attack (2017-12-13) btcmanager.com
Rest in Peace, ICO Bounty Programs (2017-12-13) medium.com
Healthcare Faces Poor Cybersecurity Prognosis (2017-12-13) www.darkreading.com
Cyberattacks are becoming big opportunities for some small businesses (2017-12-13) www.washingtonpost.com
Security Compliance: The Less You Spend the More You Pay (2017-12-12) www.darkreading.com
AWS re:Invent Announces New Security Service: Amazon GuardDuty (2017-12-12) dzone.com
Securing Medical IoT Devices (2017-12-12) nordicapis.com
2018 Security Predictions (Part 2) (2017-12-11) dzone.com
Staying Secure on Heroku with the Snyk Add (2017-12-11) snyk.io
Necurs Botnet Returns to Top 10 Malware List (2017-12-11) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
The Dangers of a 'Trust and Forget' Approach to Data Security (2017-12-08) dzone.com
Cybercrime Now Driven by Four Distinct Groups (2017-12-08) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Is Anything Secure Anymore? (2017-12-07) medium.com
What is spear phishing? (2017-12-07) usa.kaspersky.com
3 Application Security Predictions for 2018 (2017-12-07) medium.com
Man (2017-12-07) www.darkreading.com
Uber used bug bounty program to launder blackmail payment to hacker (2017-12-07) arstechnica.com
Why Third (2017-12-07) www.darkreading.com
Can Penetration Tests Actually Help Overcome the Cybersecurity Crisis? (2017-12-06) dzone.com
NIST Releases New Cybersecurity Framework Draft (2017-12-06) www.darkreading.com
Why Cybersecurity Must Be an International Effort (2017-12-06) www.darkreading.com
cybersecurity (2017-12-06) www.nist.gov
Connected Rental Cars Leak Personal Driver Data (2017-12-06) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Majority of Retailers Lack Fully (2017-12-06) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
AppSec in Review Podcast: How Developers Respond to Security Findings (2017-12-06) dzone.com
Enabling Two (2017-12-05) dzone.com
Study: Simulated Attacks Uncover Real (2017-12-05) www.darkreading.com
API and Security Trends for 2018 (2017-12-05) www.bankinfosecurity.com
Coming Full Circle on IoT (In)Security (2017-12-05) www.forumsys.com
Next steps to securing APIs and microservices (2017-12-05) www.ca.com
How to Improve OAuth Security With HMAC Validation (2017-12-05) dzone.com
Improving Threat Detection in a Big Data World (2017-12-04) databricks.com
Docker Security: It's a Layered Approach (2017-12-04) dzone.com
Most Consumers Aware of Connected Car Security Issues (2017-12-04) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Elastic Beam (2017-12-04) medium.com
Security Roundup: Cloud Security (2017-12-04) dzone.com
Improving Threat Detection in a Big Data World (2017-12-04) databricks.com
The Rising Dangers of Unsecured IoT Technology (2017-12-04) www.darkreading.com
Redefining perimeter network security: The future is a hybrid (2017-12-04) www.csoonline.com
Introducing a New Addition to Cisco’s Security Impact Rating (2017-12-04) blogs.cisco.com
Morrisons Found Liable for Insider Data Leak (2017-12-04) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Is 2018 the Year for Security With Deception? (2017-12-04) dzone.com
How Bug Bounties and Crowd Sourced Security Changed The World for The Better (2017-12-04) medium.com
GitHub (2017-12-03) github.com
AWS Debuts Amazon GuardDuty for Cloud Threat Detection (2017-12-03) en.brinkwire.com
GitHub (2017-12-02) github.com
Developers Care About Security, but the Infosec Team Cares More (2017-12-02) thenewstack.io
Three Uber security managers reportedly resigned today (2017-12-01) techcrunch.com
IT Staff Blame Themselves for Security Risk (2017-12-01) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
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